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Novo formed Sonofone as a design house that handles selected parts of our development process or the complete flow from specification to place and route.

Another theme within Sonofone is to combine competences and capabilities across
Europe and Asia, which is reflected in the composition of our team. 

Sonofone is adding to the long tradition of hi-tech companies from Sweden spreading its operation around the globe. Its team consists of highly skilled people from the semiconductor and wireless industry that wanted to make a new start in smaller scale.

Our concept is within electronic design to provide turn key projects including consultancy, system and product design that significantly impacts our customers time to market and development cost.

Our vision is to be an international development partner with local interaction to major players in the area of electronic application development.

Novo is even active in Software Production and formed Sonofone as a Software Product Company, within the area of Wireless Technology and Telecom. We have the complete technical knowhow in building mobile computer solutions based on SMS, MMS, GPRS and 3G for companies, operators and organisations.

Sonofone Communications is committed to support the growth of the world-wide public access service market. One of the ways we are doing this is to create a global brand for users of the service to identify it.


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