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In highly competitive industries, Novo Holding still stands steady and yet eager for the future. Our success is largely due to the fact that we do not act like all the others. A fast mover, always full of surprises and constantly challenging old ingrained ideas. 

Our other key strengths include the expertise of our senior management and engineering principals, our competitive cost and pricing structure, and our strong focus and commitment to deliver all projects to the full satisfaction of all of our clients and partners.

One thing i can promise is that Novo Holding will continue to be different. History shows that this is the main reason behind our success.

Led by a clear dynamic vision, the company’s dynamic approach is a reflection of its staff. Novo does not only recognise the talent and capabilities of individuals, but provides an environment where each person can reach their full potential.

I am convinced that the future will lead Novo through its next strategic growth phase into an exceptional success story, expanding from its Swedish base into other countries and continents across the globe.

We´ve only just laid the tracks. The prospects for an exciting and successful ride are excellent.

Jump aboard and enjoy the ride!

Shahid Bajwa
Chairman, Novo Holding



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