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Since 1999, Novo Holding has established several recognized businesses in Europe and Asia. Our success so far has been the sum of many parts – vision, leadership, performance, but especially people. We would like to thank all Novo clients, employees and partners who have helped us along the way.

Novo companies are very diversified and vary from sector to sector. They have strong and well established know-how and knowledge in their respective fields, ranging from telecommunication to the energy sector, aswell as investing in new innovative technologies for the future.


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Novo Holding offers the resources, experience and expertise to encompass a wide range of projects and services in the fields of telecommunication, energy sector and innovative technologies.

A global-minded company, Novo has expanded and evolved in response to industry needs and established a solid base of clients and important business alliances.

We are versatile, innovative and responsive to clients’ needs, and our clients benefit from our comprehensive and sustainable solutions.


The Novo team has developed a unique
set of competencies in managing complex, technically challenging and environmentally sensitive projects and consistently delivers cost-effective solutions that exceed client expectations.

We operate with an entrepreneurial, flexible and cooperative approach. As a result, Novo is recognised as an industry leader in developing key joint venture and alliance partnerships while integrating new and existing clients inside the core business structure.

We are committed to building on our reputation for quality and excellence in all our works and services.

Our group of companies range from one of the most recognized telecom operators in Sweden to partnerships with some of the largest corporations who specialize in their respective fields.

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